Dave Schmautz

DavePresident of Precision Utilites Group, Inc. Dave and Rich founded Precision Utilities Group in 2009 on the idea of creating “not your average telephony contracting company”. With Dave’s experience in the “big telephone” world and Rich’s experience in the contracting world, a unique vision of how to best serve their customers was born. Dave brings over 35 years of experience to lead the Precision Team. Dave began his career in telephony as an installation and repair technician. Dave served as the Director of Engineering and Technology for Verizon, Midwest Region. Dave has also held the position of General Manager, Regional Director, Staff Manager, Service Manager, and Service Supervisor. With Dave’s technical, financial, and management leadership, Precision Utilities Group, Inc., has a strong foundation to build our company. Dave requires quality, efficiency, integrity, and honesty from his team members serving the Precision customer base.


Rich Hamilton

RichSenior Vice President of Precision Utilities Group, Inc. Rich joined forces with Dave in 2009 and founded Precision Utilities Group, Inc. Rich brings over 35 years of telephony contractor experience to the Precision Team. Rich served our country and is a veteran of the US Navy Armed Forces. Rich’s experience is primarily focused in telephony OSP with strengths in Buried Drops and Directional Boring. Rich began his career as a general laborer and has held the positions of Supervisor, Manager, Project Managed Drop Placements for 7 states, Operations Manager, Project Manager, and OSP Construction Supervisor. Rich is the driving force behind the success of our Buried Drop and Directional Bore Divisions.


Tom Salkeld

TomOutside Plant Director. Tom has over 30 years of experience in OSP Operations in the telephony industry. Tom began his career as an installer/ facility maintainer for GTE and later held the positions of Fiber Optic Supervisor, CATV Supervisor, COAX Supervisor, and Director of OSP Operations. Tom brings a vast knowledge of telephony administration, buried drops, directional boring, and supervisory experience to the Precision Team. Tom has headed the creation of a complete in-house dispatch department to better serve our customers.