Telephony Inside Plant



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Telephony Outside Plant


We take great pride in our highly trained staff of expert Installation and Repair Technicians.

Our Customer Service Technicians or I & R Technicians are full-time employees, not sub-contractors.We are not a headhunter. We hire only experienced, professional technicians with references to back it up. These technicians have successfully completed drug and background screenings.

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Storm Damage Telephony


In the after math of severe storms, we know how important it is to restore your telecommunications systems. Lives can depend on the restoration of 911 systems, wireless networks, cell phone systems, and even broadband services.

Whether it’s hurricanes, winter storms, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes or high winds, when disasters strike and your team is overwhelmed, Precision Utilities Group is here to help. From buried drops to major telecommunications system rebuilds, our team members can usually be on the ground within 24 hours.

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Precision Utilities Group, Inc. provides a full range of broadband fiber optic installation, engineering, testing, and maintenance services. Our staff of experienced technicians specialize in the construction of CATV systems and CATV installation, beginning at the headend and transporting the signal via coax or fiber to the end customers. Our staff can assist you with planning, construction, and testing from the pre-wire stage to the buildout of the MDF and IDF closets.Our team members will ensure you meet your customers’ needs by engineering the appropriate solution for your fiber, coaxial, Cat 5, Cat 6, and telecommunications wiring and installation both residential and commercial.

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Cell Tower


Precision Utilities Group offers a wide range of services for the wireless telecommunications market.

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Buried Drops


Precision Utilities Group currently provides buried drop services to several areas primarily in the Midwest. Our buried drop leadership team has over 100 years combined experience with major operating companies. Our team members are experienced in placing both copper and fiber cable in a variety of environments. Whether your job requires hand trenching, mechanical trenching, or directional boring, are crews are ready to help.

As a service to our customers, Precision Utilities Group offers dispatch services to our buried dropcustomers. This allows our customers to transmit work orders to us electronically and have our team dispatch the work saving your company both time and money. Our dispatch center has the ability to provide resources for a variety of data entry and dispatch operations to meet our customers’ needs.

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Directional Boring


With over 20 years of experience in the directional drilling industry, our technicians have performed thousands of projects for both business and residential. With directional drilling, it is necessary to look beyond conduit installation cost. The real cost savings occurs through a reduction in the amount of site restoration required.

Precision Utilities Group, can directional drill for your telecommunication conduit, water line conduit, electric line conduit, drainage tile and more. From hand trenching to directional boring, Precision Utilities Group can assist with your needs. With the capabilities of our technicians and the use of cutting-edge locating equipment, our team is equipped to install up to four-inch conduit in 300 foot increments.

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Professional On-site Support Staff


Precision Utilities Group employs a wide variety of qualified and experienced professionals who are available to our customers for many on-site support positions. Our team members are hand selected and reviewed for each position. Their credentials must be stellar to be considered for a position on this team. These professionals are available immediately for our customers’ convenience for both short and long-term assignments.

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